Odeon Cinema / Top Rank Bingo Club, Gloucester



Firstly, I have to give full credit to @WhoDaresWins for this lead. It wasn’t even on my radar until he mentioned it a short while back; Gloucester isn’t a place that either of us really frequent, despite it being pretty close to home. Having been keen for some distractions from life recently, I jumped at the chance to get up to a bit of mischief in some unfamiliar territory so after a pint in the local sp00ns, which also happened to be an old cinema :<3, we got down to business. Took a bit of lateral thinking and a fair amount of time, but we finally found ourselves stood inside the grandiose auditorium and eagerly looking for the light switches. Quite why they can’t just have all the required switches in one place is beyond me, but eventually we managed to figure out which ones to flick without lighting up the facade and alleyways like a Christmas tree.

Unfortunately, there are very few original features remaining inside in reality. The projection room is full of air ducting and ventilation with very few distinguishable features to indicate its former use; the screen is long gone to make way for bingo tack and cupboards/under stage area are totally empty. It’s always good to be able to provide an update on these old cinemas and, as far as we can tell, no one has been able to do so from here since closure, so it was a successful trip nonetheless. Cinemas aren’t usually my thing despite this being the second one I’ve done in the last month, but I can see people love ’em.


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