The Elysium Cinema, Swansea, South Wales



This was what would be the end of a long weekend for some in South Wales; a lovely (!?) little fetid cinema in lovely (!?) Swansea. ‘Tis no means the first report from here, and I’m sure it won’t be the last, but it gave me a chance to take the 35mm out for a spin as I’ve not used the camera much recently.I believe I owe it to @Terminal Decline and @Dave W for sussing out access. Wasn’t particularly difficult but it turns out that doing it with a large Starbucks coffee in one hand is a recipe for some serious bruises and cuts to one’s shin… I wish I could say lesson learnt but I try to be a realist in life.

Thanks to @slayaaaa and @Terminal Decline for the company here. The others had buggered off to the pub (shock).

Added a couple of phone pics in to boost the photo count, so the quality of what follows drops considerably in places.


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