Purdown BT Tower, Bristol


The Purdown BT Tower is a telecommunications tower in Stoke Park, which is in the Lockleaze suburb of Bristol. It’s just over 70 metres tall and used mainly for point-to-point microwave links, forming part of the British Telecom Microwave Network. It’s one of 14 towers owned by BT in the country that are reinforced concrete – including the Emley Moor Tower and the London BT Tower. 

The structure is used for broadcasting radio stations as well, such as KISS and Classic FM for analogue and BBC National DAB and Digital One for digital. 


Anyone who has driven into Bristol on the M32 will no doubt recognise this tower as it’s a very prominent part of the city’s skyline and a rather unique design to say the least. It’s hardly the tallest thing in the world or indeed in the city, but the location means that you can see for miles and the views over Bristol are second to none. 

There have been some theories in the past that the tower is more than just a telecoms tower, for example one local is convinced that it’s actually a UFO refuelling station… I don’t believe in any of that really, but that being said – we did hear a few weird noises at the top which we couldn’t really explain… #muchspooky #tehorbz

One crisp morning in the middle of winter found us stood at the end of the long track down to the tower. I had the pleasure of the company of a few of the usual local lads for this dawn raid.

Not all photos were taken on the same occasion. Some of them were taken without a tripod or clamp as I’m a forgetful bean sometimes, so ISO needed to be upped rather a lot. Some are also taken on an iPhone but cba to constantly have the camera around my neck being the lazy fecker I am.

All being said and done, this is a BT tower. They aren’t to be taken lightly or underestimated. They’re an important part of our national infrastructure and to be able to say we’ve been to the top of some of them is a real feat. That’s another Bristol classic ticked off the list. What next?


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