St Mary le Port Church Tower, Bristol

In the summer of 2018, a couple of us decided to ascend the church tower of the former St Mary-le-Port church in Castle Park, Bristol. Whilst the rest of the church was destroyed during the war, the bell tower remains. It is sealed off from the park by a fence and lock on the bottom of the tower itself, however with rope it’s a different story.

It all went rather to plan, until the very end. Whilst waiting for tallginge to finish abseiling down, I thought I’d try and get up onto the window ledge to climb out by myself. In my head I was doing it to save some time as it was dark by this point. What actually happened was the exact opposite, and I ended up losing grip of WhoDaresWins who was waiting on the ledge to pull me up. I flipped upside down and fell to the ground head first. Luckily for me I managed to get a hand free and put that first meaning that was the first point of contact with the ground and not my head, but it meant I ended up doing serious damage to three fingers, as well as cutting the rest of the hand, bruising my sides and stomach and getting covered in bird poo. It took a good two months for my hand to fully recover, but at the end of the day it could have been so much worse, and hey at least we saw sunset!

Being too hasty to get photos before the sun goes down!

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