Granary No.5 – Avonmouth, Bristol


As of September 2022 the silo has been completely demolished. See last photo(s) in gallery for evidence.

The Granary no.5 or Grain Store is one of three (previously four) abandoned structures on the Avonmouth dock. This is the biggest, and in my opinion, the best of the three. It’s also the largest. As far as I know, no one else managed to make it into this one back in 08 or indeed since then. When I say no one, I mean explorers, as it’s clear people have been in here as there is the odd bit of writing written in grime on some of the walls – it seems the ‘Granary Bandits’ beat us in there!

Let’s face it, the Granary was always going to be the hardest of the lot, and would take a bit more planning. There is no way in that isn’t bait as hell, and the building itself sits right between two roads that are in constant use, with the port popo based in the building opposite… You get my point. And that’s only the half of it as you still need to inside the dock itself, which isn’t a walk in the park (unless you blag your way through the main gate, but we thought we’d try a different approach before going down that route). All that aside, one night we went for it…. and bailed. So we then tried again, and found ourselves standing at the base of it. Following the trend that seems to have been set, the building wasn’t fully secure, so in in in. This was at about 11pm, and even though the lights worked, we agreed that this one deserved a viewing in daylight. Fast forward a good few months, and we finally agree on a day to get up at 3am and do it in the morning. Armed with breakfast and lunch in our bags, we venture in. So yeah, pics are more decent for the next set! That, and I recently bought a wide angle…

History is painfully limited for this one, so much so that I almost have nothing to say about it. In fact, there’s no almost about it, I’ve got nothing. Nada. Anyone? It seems to go by the name of grain no.5, grain store no.5 or the granary. One random fact, there’s wifi on the roof which uses the name ‘Granary Rooftop’. There are also two high tech CCTV cameras that are controlled remotely which keep an eye on the port. One wrong turn and we’d have been screwed…!



Granary 5 demolition
Granary 5 demolition
Granary 5 demolition


  1. I fly my drone over this demolition site once a month. When completed will get in touch with you. Perhaps you ll want to use this video here

    1. Yes please, would be very interested to see if you’re willing to share. I believe the whole thing is gone now?

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