Ford’s Grain Silo – Avonmouth, Bristol


As of 2021 the silo has been completely demolished. No trace of it remains.

There are three (previously four) huge abandoned structures on the Avonmouth skyline. The first one we attempted was Ford, and that proved to be easier than we thought. After taking a detour from the M5 one day, I ended up near Avonmouth and went to have a gander (or as the UE saying goes – have a mooch). Upon doing so, I noticed something I’d not seen before. Fast forward a few days and I’m back with WDW. A bit of climbing, squeezing & running and we were standing at the base of giant numero un. Next to no effort had been made to secure it, thank god, so within minutes we were climbing the stairs to the top!

History is pretty much non existent on this silo. That being said, I’m sure Speed will now be along with links to some incredibly extensive history to make me look bad… :D The mill it used to serve was demolished sometime in the 1980s, but the silo was supposedly built in the 1920s. Internally, the way it is laid out means that it’s very difficult to turn into anything else, and as a result has been left on the dockside ever since, completely redundant.

We’ve only done this at night, so the photos are light painted, naturally. Looking back, this must have resembled a bloody rave going on in the building to any onlookers…


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