Froomsgate House, Bristol

The building now known as ‘Fusion Tower’, a student accommodation high rise

This is one that a few of us (one in particular) have had our eye on for a while, so getting an invite to get up it seemed too good to miss. Got to say, props to Mr E-PROC who was the one to crack it first, and without whom, we probably wouldn’t have seen it at all. He was also kind enough to show us in, like a gentleman.

Oddly, it seems I took more photos inside the building than on the roof, which is funny as it was intended as a high evening, not a derping one…

There’s nothing like enjoying a decent rooftop with some mates in the evening, just to get away from it all!

Fast forward a year and this was firmly a favourite rooftop. We frequented it, and would regularly enjoy a beer and/or takeaway whilst people watching below:

Truth be told, we were hoping that the refurbishment of the building would mean a crane being erected on site, but unfortunately it was never to be. They managed with a mobile crane from time to time and a box hoist on the side. Ah well, you win some you lose some aye.

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