Coles Quarry, Backwell, North Somerset

Coles Quarry was opened in 1867 and was named after the earlier operators of the site, Joseph Coles & Son Ltd. It was acquired by the RMC Group in 1968. Until the early 1970s, quarrying was confined to the excavation to the south-east of the processing plant, which is now known as the Lower Quarry. During the 1970s, a new extraction area was opened up on the limestone plateau to the east of the Lower Quarry. This excavation is screened from views to the north by the wooded slopes of Cheston Combe, and is accessed from the Lower Quarry via a relatively narrow cutting.
Coles, however, has inherent environment problems that include poor access, close proximity to residential properties and visual intrusion. Consequently, the mineral planning authority (now North Somerset Council) was concerned that production should be transferred to Freemans Quarry within the shortest possible period.

Photos of the packing buildings (NOW DEMOLISHED) – all taken in early 2012:

Moving back further into the quarry:

Image taken in early 2014
Image taken in early 2014

Soon after these photos were taken, the lack in rainfall meant that the water you see dried up and that part soon became a dumping ground, as well as a haven for vandals and young kids from the local school(s).

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