One Victoria, Bristol

I had a sudden urge to do something high this fine, clear evening, and after looking at this place a few times, I knew it would be worth it. So after a quick text to EP, a drive into town and a cheeky Co-op meal deal, we headed up.

Sadly, as we made our way in, I turned around to see END-PROC’s tripod disappearing deep into the river Avon! Poor chap… But depiste his lack of stability, he was pretty resourceful and managed some good snaps 🙂

This is soon to be a new residential complex, although how soon is unclear. The scaffolding has been up for a while now, which is why it was about time it was done. The views from the top are similar to what the cranes on the Finzels site opposite used to offer a year or so ago, and as I didn’t do these, it was nice to take in the views of the area.

On with some pics…

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