Severalls Hospital Water Tower, Colchester

For a separate page on the hospital itself and for a bit more background information on it, click here.

External photo of the tower.

These old asylums have always interested me, and these days they really are far and in between. The days of the huge sprawling asylums where you can run around for explore for days on end are coming to an end sadly. This means that whenever I get the chance to explore one, I make the most of it and like to see as much of it as I possibly can. One part of an asylum that has to be my favourite is the water tower. Most have them, and they sit there towering above the rest of the site – visible for miles. I just love that.

Inside the tower:

And the views from the top:

And well… the end didn’t quite go to plan. Hey Michael 😀

Being escorted off site by the well known Severalls security guard named Michael. He went down as a sort of legend in the community in the end.

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