NGTE Pyestock, Fleet

We didn’t hang around once at the perimeter, so after a few slightly painful minutes, we were making our way slowly but surely through the forest towards the first buildings. As we hadn’t yet seen any secca around, we were slowly growing more suspicious, and our suspicions were confirmed when we looked across the forest. 

Hit the deck!

We soon found a small building to climb and get a look around:

After a small comfort break, we carried on, and eventually found a suitable (but loud!) way through the temporary fencing. We made our way over to the first building; The Air House. Passed the CECA Plant on the way:

We approached the Air House and soon found a cramped and messy way in, but a few minutes later we found our selves looking at a very recognisable site:

After a while in here and having spent a fair amount of time up the crane, we heard the noise that you never want to hear when urbexing. Yes, it was a siren It was far too close to be going anywhere else. Suddenly all was quiet, I mean we hadn’t driven all that way to get caught in the first building! Moments passed, and with only the odd, faint sound of voices in the distance, we thought maybe they had given up and moved on.

But then… We heard another sound to stop us right in our tracks. T’was the distant but growing closer, sound of a chopper. Within seconds it was right over head and appeared to be circling the buildings around us. We thought that really was it and our trip would be ending there, it circled us for ages. What a complete waste of police time and money, when there was already a police car (or two) there anyway!

After what seemed like days, it decided to give up and leave. We thought we should move on, and, after having a quick look in the control room, out we went. 

It then started to rain, so a perfect time for a bite to eat. After sorting out our food needs with a supermarket meal deal, we pressed on. 

This is where things started to get interesting again. Just as we’d left the Plant House, we decided to head over and see what the buildings opposite had to offer. Completely forgetting about the very active security patrolling the site, wandered straight out into the road. We were half way across then Sheepdisease yelled “F**k”. It was the next sound we didn’t want to hear, the sound of a Land Rover 110 flying round the corner. We ran, and after a very painful collision with Grit, we hit the deck. We were so obvious it was crazy, and feeling sure that the guy in the Defender would see us, were getting ready to give our selves up. However, it looked like luck was on our side. He drove straight past. We weren’t taking any chances though, we got up and made our way straight back to cover, thinking ‘Right, he’s just driven past, we shouldn’t see him again for a little while’. But NO, sure enough, there was the sound again. He was coming back, and fast. We hit the deck again, and watching him through the trees, we waited. He stopped. Oh dear… But oh wait, he’s moving again. Made no sense! 

But any how, we took no chances and made our way safely to Cell 3:

We got very distracted in here, after all, this is Pyestock. After we had been down in Cell 3 for at least 2 hours, I needed a new memory card from my bag, which was up on the main floor. Damn. So off I went, and as I did, was about to climb the last set of stairs when I saw some feet disappearing down next to the tunnel. I looked back, and there were my three fellow explorers right there, so who the hell was that? I shouted down but no answer. We saw this hooded figure again making their way out of the building a bit later on, again we shouted but they just kept on walking! Anyone on here who owns a blue hoody and blue trainers been to Pyestock recently? 

We were just about to finish up, when more torches appeared from above. Two men, who sounded Polish and asked us what we were doing there. They may have been security, but I thought they weren’t allowed in the buildings… weird. They then left, laughing away to themselves. 

After that, and as it was now dark, we thought that was our cue to leave.We packed up and made our way slowly out of Pyestock. 

A few quick shots on the way out:

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