Parcelforce Sorting Office, Bristol

The building dubbed ‘Bristol’s biggest eyesore’ for years on end – think Temple Meads station…

It’s one of those buildings that is seen by thousands of people every day but no one really pays it much attention, as it has been derelict for so long.
I’d been wanting to do this one for a while but until recently haven’t got around to it.

Information on the history of the building seems to be quite scarce so not able to provide anything to speak of. The links with Temple meads station were certainly a high point! It seems to have been stripped of everything internally, although the odd detail remains.

Sorry about the quality of the first set of photos, only had a basic digital with me at the time. This was back in my very early stages of learning how to photography 😀

On with some pics from 2011:

Fast forward to Feb 2012 for a few different angles:

Now we head to the end of 2012 when I’ve acquired a new camera and started to master the long exposure tings:

A few years on, to 2015. Bristol University have recently purchased the site and plan to build a brand new ‘Enterprise Campus’. Notice the bridges connecting the building with Temple Meads have now been demolished:

Fast forward to 2019, and demolition is fully underway:

Kier kindly let us onsite to see for ourselves the progress being made with the demolition:

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